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Residence e B&B Elettra Lago d'Idro - Italy

Via R. Bertini, 71 25074 Idro (BS)
Tel. 0039 0365 823053

Mob. 0039 340 7914619
Fax 0039 0365 823053
GPS N 45° 44' 2'' E 10° 27' 30''

Idro Lake

Idro Lake, also called Eridio, is the smallest of the three Lakes in Brescia. It measures just 10 km in length and 2 km at its widest point, and covers a total of 11 km². It reaches a maximum of 122 metres in depth and its skein of water, at 368 metres above sea level, makes its the highest lake in Lombardy. Idro Lake is situated almost entirely within the Province of Brescia and only a short section of its banks, in the north-eastern corner of the Lake, belongs to the municipality of Bondone in the nearby province of Trento.

Idro Lake is the ideal destination for anyone who enjoys a quiet life and sports in touch with nature and age-old traditions.

The air temperature between May and September is around 20-30°.


The lake is pleasant to swim in between June and September, when the temperature of the water is above 20°.

Thanks to the altitude and geographical position of Idro Lake, it is never unbearably hot in the summer. In the afternoon, the hottest time of day, there is the gentle breeze of the Ander, very pleasant if you want to go bathing and a real boon if you enjoy wind and kite surfing. The temperature drops a few degrees in the evening, but it is still warm enough to sit outside on the terrace or by the lake.


Idro Lake also offers a wealth of opportunities for people who enjoy walking, mountain biking and horse-riding. There are many paths that stretch up through the mountains overlooking Idro Lake and those in the immediate vicinity climb up to above 2000 metres.

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Residence e B&B Elettra
Via R. Bertini, 71 25074 Idro (BS) - Italy
t. 0039 0365 823053 | f 0039 0365 823053
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